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Different ways to pay

Different ways to pay for your intensive driving course - deposit, instalments, finance

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Hey there, if you're checking this out, you probably know that we're all about making your driver's license dreams come true in the fastest way possible. 🚗💨 We've got a few tricks up our sleeve to make it happen, like turbocharged testing, top-notch DVSA-approved driving pros, and a super responsive support crew, all in your corner to speed things up.

But hold on, don't think this is like those old-school, rigid driving courses. 🙅‍♂️ We're IntensiveLessons, and we're rewriting the rules. We're all about giving you the power to call the shots – you choose when you want to hit the road and how you want to pay. 🗓️💳 Flexibility, that's our middle name. 😉 So, let's get you on the fast track to driving success! 🏁🚀 



Multiple ways to pay and pass fast


Option 1: Pay in full

Many of our awesome customers love to make the upfront payment for their course. This way, you can totally ditch the whole finance hassle and focus solely on your driving journey. It's seriously refreshing to have one less thing on your mind!

Just lock in your course with a full payment upfront, and you're all set until it's time to rock your theory test or hit the road! 🚗💨


Option 2: Pay deposit only

Ready to kickstart your journey toward a new skill? Get the ball rolling with just a £175 deposit! No need to break the bank right away – you can settle the rest once we've turbocharged your practical test progress and matched you with an awesome instructor. It doesn't get much fairer than that!

Keep in mind, though, that your exciting learning adventure begins 7 days after payment. So, if you're itching to start ASAP, go ahead and pay in full when booking your course (or even before we pair you with your instructor) to dive into lessons without delay. 🚀💪


Option 3: Pay in instalments

For courses that run for over 25 hours, we've got a cool payment option just for you! You can break down the remaining balance into 2 or 3 easy-peasy instalment blocks. As long as you settle up before your next set of lessons kicks off, you're all good to go! 🚀💰 


Option 4: Use financing

Check out our awesome finance options, starting at a mind-blowing 0% APR, thanks to our partnership with Phoenix Finance. Of course, your credit score will be part of the equation.

Just remember, to dive into this fantastic deal, your course needs to be worth at least £1000. 💰💯

Published: 23/09/2023
By: Intensive Lessons Team
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