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Frequently Asked Questions

What course should I choose?

If you're uncertain about how many hours you may need you can use our Intensive Course Recommender or ask a member of our team on 0330 057 7655.

What is an intensive driving or crash course?

Intensive driving courses are a growing and more popular alternative to the traditional approach of having 1 lesson per week.

Rather than spending over 6 to 12 months. Many people prefer intensive courses as it helps keeps the driving practice fresh in your mind, making it possible to pass faster than the traditional single lessons approach.

Once a deposit has been paid, we will search our network of local instructors and allocate you to our most suitable driving instructor. Once we have allocated you, he/she will call you and agree on start times and pick up location.

You and the instructor decide the schedule and pace you want to learn at. If you cannot agree on a schedule, you can contact us and we will allocate another driving instructor.

The final 90 minutes of all standard driving test courses are for hiring the car to take the driving test using the driving instructor’s vehicle. The DVSA do not provide cars so you will need to use your driving instructor’s vehicle.

Your theory and practical tests will be booked using our automated FastLane system to get you the earliest possible date.

How do you get a practical driving test so soon?

We have developed our own automated FastLane service which constantly monitors for cancellations so that we can reserve those slots and find you driving tests at short notice.

While you're having your driving lessons we are busy working behind the scenes to book your tests as quickly as possible.

Most fast-pass service provides do not have an automated system to find test slots, instead they rely on manual processes which can mean that they miss potential opportunities.

Most of our bookings have a test on the expected final day.

If you are unlucky and your local test centre does not have a cancellation slot, you can rest assured that we will find one as soon as possible.

How long is the theory test wait?

We are able to secure theory test positions within about 2 weeks notice. Our automated FastLane service actively monitors for cancellations and if something becomes available your test can be brought forward if you would like it sooner.

How long does an intensive driving course last?

The duration of an intensive driving course can vary depending on the driving school and the needs of the learner driver. Typically, an intensive driving course can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. The length of the course is often determined by the number of hours of driving lessons included in the course and how many lessons the learner driver can comfortably fit into their schedule. Our intensive driving courses start with as little as 5 hours of driving lessons over a few days, while others can include up to 45 hours of lessons over several weeks. It is important to discuss your specific needs and goals with us to determine the best course length for you.

Are intensive driving courses suitable for beginners?

Intensive driving courses can be suitable for beginners, but it depends on the individual learner driver's needs and preferences. Some beginners may find that an intensive course provides them with the focused, intensive instruction they need to quickly develop their driving skills and gain confidence behind the wheel. However, other beginners may feel overwhelmed by the pace of an intensive course and prefer to take lessons over a longer period of time - by booking with us you have the option of spreading out your lessons if you so wish.

Can I take an intensive driving course if I have already taken some driving lessons?

Yes absolutely. Contact us to discuss how many hours you are likely to need.

Am I more likely to pass with an intensive driving course?

An intensive driving course can provide a focused, accelerated learning experience and overall we find that our pass rates are higher than the DVSA average.

What intensive driving courses do you offer?

For a full list of latest course details see our Courses page.

Our courses are designed to meet different experience levels so that you can find the perfect fit. In summary the courses we offer are:

5 Hours Refresher Course
Was your test ready within the last 3 months? If so our shortest course is perfect you. It will focus on familiarising yourself with the new car and polishing manoeuvres up to standard.

10 Hours Refresher Course
Driven confidently with family or friends? Recently been for a test? If you failed with only 1 or 2 serious faults this may be the course for you. The focus will be to work in 1 or 2 areas of weakness and build your confidence in the new car.

15 Hours Refresher Course
Don't feel confident behind the wheel? Feel like you need to improve on a few areas before being test ready? If so this is the course for you. We'll help you iron out those last areas holding you back from passing!

20 Hours Intermediate Course
Had 20 hours previously with a driving instructor? Or driven with family and friends but not done manoeuvres or worked on your Mirror, Signal Manoeuvre? if you have good control of the car but need help with roundabouts/complicated traffic systems or manoeuvres this is the course for you.

25 Hours Intermediate Course
Had some lessons years ago then took a break? Didn't feel like you was making much progress? In this course the focus will be on getting you up to standard in the areas you've covered before, teaching you what you haven't yet covered and practicing the skills to enable you to pass your test!

30 Hours Intermediate Course
Had around 10 lessons with an instructor? Want to pass quickly and not by doing 1 hour a week? This course will teach you the majority of the skills you'll need to pass your test including a refresh of all the manoeuvres.

35 Hours Beginner Course
This is a beginner course for those who have an interest in driving/cars, understand the basic controls and may have driven an hour or two with their parents or even moved the car slightly on the driveway! This course may also suit a very confident beginner.

40 Hours Beginner Course
Beginner course for a confident and quick learner. This course can be done intensively within two weeks or spread over a longer period should you wish! You'll learn all the skills needed to pass your test at your pace

45 Hours Beginner Course
DVSA Recommend 45hours of tuition with an instructor and 22hours private. This is the ultimate driving course to take you from a green license to pink in just a few weeks! It can be tailored to your pace - just let your booking agent know!

Can I learn at my own pace?

Absolutely. The courses are tailored around you. When you first speak with the instructor just let them know what pace you want to learn at.

Do you have a list of driving test routes?

To make driving tests more representative of real-life driving, the DVSA no longer publishes official test routes. However, you can find a number of recent routes used on our practical driving test centre routes page.

While test routes are likely to be very similar to our compiled list, you should treat this content as a rough guide only. Exact test routes are at the examiners’ discretion and are subject to change.

Can you provide me practice hazard perception videos?

Click the link to access our 10 free practice hazard perception practice test interactive video clips.

What is the minimum hours I can book?

Our packages start from 5 hours, however if you need more hours than this we recommend booking the larger couse as this will result in discounted hourly rates. The pace at which you have those lessons is your choice.

Do you offer a 'guaranteed pass' course

Nobody can 100% guarantee you will pass a test first time, we just charge you for 1 theory test (if booked) and 1 driving test in your initial payment. Some companies may offer ‘free’ retests or something similar, but you’ll generally pay more in the initial payment, then they will pay for extra tests if needed.

What are your terms and conditions?

Please see our full terms here

Do you have a list of test centres and their pass rates?

Click here for a full list of DVSA practical and theory test centres and their recent recorded pass rates. Please note that the pass rates are from DVSA so it is based on all tests taken at the test centre and not just ours.

Do you have a blog with driving tips etc?

Yes we do. You can access all of our blog articles here.

What areas do you cover?

We cover all of of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. You can a core list of our areas here: Our intensive driving course areas.

Can I exchange an international licence for a UK one?

If you have a valid driving license from one of the the below countries and you are currently resident in the UK, you should be able to exchange the license for a UK driving license. Click on a relevant link below for our recommended approach:

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